Monday, 1 August 2011

Natural Day Makeup

Some people came to me and said 'Hey do you have a natural look day makeup? Because those Natural Tutorials in Youtube does not look natural at all.'

So I though of showing you how to make a completely natural out of bed tutorial. Which people can hardly tell that you're wearing one. This look is perfect if you're going to the beach or hang out with friends...I do still prefer to go all out when it comes to applying my makeups but sometimes, I really mean sometimes I just want to look less pin up as possible! *wink*

Friday, 29 July 2011

My babies!

It's time to show some love on my babies! Some of the makeup I actually bought them myself and some of them were given by my fiance's mom. She is pampering me with all these goodies! I use all sorts of brand from trust me I do not discriminate! Ha ha...But these are not enough. I'm planning to fly abroad to get more pigments which obvious I cant find any here (sobs)

Happy days....!!

Second Youtube Tutorial - Forest Beauty...

I love Enya and I love nature here's my second video tutorial I made many many months ago...

Ice Queen

A very simple 'Ice Queen' look that I made out of boredom. I am planning to do a new version of this look..with crazy lashes and all...cannot wait!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

My first Youtube Tutorial...

Quite a while ago, when makeup was only a hobby, I decided to make a makeup tutorial. I have a boring job, working from 9 to 5. So this lady needs her break ha ha! I made it but it was not a professional tutorial. But I am now a freelance makeup artist  and a cake designer so I though I needed to make new quality videos ( ah man)...But hey why waste on the old one? Here it is ....tadaaaaa!!


A Humble Introduction...

Hello there dolls! Another blog by me! I have a cake blog as well ( But here it's all about makeup and all! *blows whistle* 

Check out my serious look! Not very humble I know...